Architect Equity

Our mission is to acquire and build lasting businesses.

Architect Equity is a permanent capital fund that focuses on transformational investment opportunities in the lower middle market.
More About Us
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Privilege of Focus.
Architect invests in established businesses with recognized brands, intellectual property, and/or proven track records that have withstood the test of time and market cycles. Typically, we pursue acquisitions of businesses that are at an inflection point in their respective history where new ownership is warranted, and the business can benefit from a renewed privilege of focus.
From our principals’ 100+ years of investment and operating experience, we understand the challenges and opportunities of under-served businesses in the lower middle market. With our deep bench of operators, we provide attentive support across all business functions to drive efficiency while empowering management teams to focus on sustainable value creation.
Consistency of Process.
We are a dedicated and efficient team that is regimented in process to ensure consistent outcomes. We pride ourselves in being a reliable equity partner to corporate and private sellers through a transaction process and to our management teams throughout an investment lifecycle.

Our Team

Architect is comprised of a highly experienced team of investors and operators. We have navigated through innumerable business challenges across a range of situations and industries. We are ready to work alongside your business to solve operational and financial issues, streamline processes, improve culture and scale revenues in a focused and profitable manner.
We pride ourselves on process, transparency, and empowerment to drive effective communication and rapid decision-making. Business is about people, which is a mantra we employ across Architect and our portfolio companies.
Photo of Jay Yook
Jay Yook
Founder & CEO
Photo of Dionisio Lucchesi
Dionisio Lucchesi
Co-Founder & COO
Photo of Eric Luoma
Eric Luoma
Principal, M&A
Erin McCollough
Erin McCollough
Portfolio Manager
Photo of Jim Neelley
Jim Neelley
Operating Partner
Ray Cho
Ray Cho
General Counsel
Photo of Jeff Giery
Jeff Giery
Vice President, Operations
Angel Barton
Angel Barton
Vice President, Human Resources
Photo of Brent Silverman
Brent Silverman
Vice President, Business Development
Photo of Andrew Brown
Andrew Brown
Senior Associate, M&A
Photo of Kyle Juedes
Kyle Juedes
Senior Associate
Noah Magaziner
Noah Magaziner
Nick Keller
Nick Keller
Michael Lipski
Operating Advisor
Photo of Jack Hall
Jack Hall
Operating Advisor
Photo of Dan Pace
Dan Pace
Operating Advisor